Lauren Brooke

I’m a sucker for fashion runway shows, flea markets, french movies starring Audrey Tautou, the sights and sounds of Les Miserables and Panda bears. Chocolate chip cookies are my sweet guilty pleasure and my love for traveling inspires my creative juices.

I’m a big fan of handmade and textured papers, and have an unrelenting affinity for helvetica font, the color grey, and 3-D objects. (rest assured, not always all at once!) I love smart, original, simple design. I crave design with a purpose, a tangible outcome, and attached to something meaningful.

That’s where you come in.

I have been fortunate enough to make my passion my profession. A creative careerist with significant experience as a graphic designer in the advertising, print and fashion industries, it wasn’t long before I found myself jumping at the opportunity to design wedding invitations for friends and family. In 2008, I threw caution to the wind and nurtured this hobby into the one-on-one, custom design service it is today. Based in New York City, I work from my home studio with easy access to my husband, panda cams, and those darn chocolate chip cookies.

With Love, lauren

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